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Middle School

Grades 6 through 8

The Middle School at EAB is a community bound by shared values. Though we are a "diverse community" that represents over 40 nationalities and myriad religions, races, cultures, and belief systems, we are brought together by fundamental beliefs about how we learn, how we treat each other, and how we engage the world. We believe that every person deserves decency and respect, that all of us can learn, and that we are stronger together than apart. We believe in the power of collaboration and take the responsibility to serve our learning community seriously. The members of our community can be itinerant, but as a collective we strive to each leave our mark and have faith the school will be all the better for it.

These values are encapsulated not only in EAB's Mission and Vision, but also in The EAB Learner Profile, Student Rights, and Upper School Honor Code. We have worked hard as a community to develop the values that make EAB a special place to learn and each day we strive to live and uphold those values in all we say and do.

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We would love to have your family for a meeting or a Zoom call so we can talk about all EAB's values for Middle School.




We invite you to learn more about the Middle School and how we prepare our learners for a fast-paced world by reading the Student Handbook.