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Grade 6 Humanities Awareness Campaigns

At the beginning of our last unit of the year, students were asked the question: "What issues should our community be more aware of?" We looked at the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals to ascertain the issues identified as most urgent by our global community. These helped us determine the topics that students would choose to research and then share their findings with the EAB community. In groups or independently, students researched their chosen topic, wrote a persuasive essay, and then created a campaign to share their findings. These campaigns include one static component (a poster, infographic, or social media "post") and one moving component (a PSA, News Story, or Interviews). We hope that you feel inspired to take action after learning more about these very important topics.

Access to Cancer Treatment by Elizabeth

Access to Education by Eduardo, Felipe, Pedro, and Miguel

First page of the PDF file: BlackandGreenBoldIllustrativeEnvironmentalSustainabilityInfographics

Access to Water by Jack

Animal Trafficking by Hector & Nico

First page of the PDF file: GreenModernInformationalDataInfographic

Poverty in Brazil by Enzo, Vicente, and Abdullah (left) & Cyberbullying by Payson (right)

First page of the PDF file: MinimalistFourStepsProblemSolvingInfographicPoster
First page of the PDF file: CopyofStop

Dengue Awareness by Naty

Deforestation by Bruna

Ecotourism by Lara C

Education and Poverty in Brazil by Bernardo, Hiroji, Mateus, and Rafael

Gender Inequality in Sports by Helena, Lívia, Siena, and Stella

First page of the PDF file: Matchday1

Global Warming by Lara B & Alice

Health Care Rights by Ana B, Ana C, and Isabel

First page of the PDF file: -

HIV & AIDS by Eva

First page of the PDF file: HIVandAIDSinfographic1

Malnutrition by Lucca & Amadeus

First page of the PDF file: MalnutritionStatsUncovered1

Plastics in Water by Bernardo & Nicolas

Protection for People in War Zones by Isabella & Amanda

First page of the PDF file: PeopleInWarZones

Racism in Soccer by Arthur, Fernando, Gabriel, and João

Save Antarctica by Alexander, Dario, and Tarcisio

First page of the PDF file: SAVEANTARCTICA

Stray Animals by Olivia & Naomi

First page of the PDF file: StrayAnimalsInfographic

Teen Depression by Arturo