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Senior Spotlight: Ryley Ermatinger

In the final weeks leading up to Graduation Day 2020, EAB will celebrate each of its Seniors via the Senior Spotlight.  Though many of the Senior Traditions cannot happen this year, the High School Faculty is committed to making sure each member of the Class of 2020 knows how much they have meant to this school and how proud we are of them.  Today, the Senior in the spotlight is Ryley Ermatinger. 

Ryley has been a dedicated member of the EAB Community since becoming a Bull at the beginning of eleventh grade.  Like many of her teammates, her "favourite EAB memory is winning the BIG 4 softball tournament in 2019".  She is "thankful" to have brought "home gold" but more so, she recognises the enormous effort that everyone put into improving as a team. Ryley believes "the small things...make her happy" when they "include the people she loves" so she will miss the "daily routine" of "walking down the hallway and saying hello to friends". She will miss the high-fives and fist bumps that "definitely made her day". Typical of Ryley, the highlight of her day was "encouraging each other...hyping each other up to have a good day". She is proudest of her friendship group, a "community that doesn't care about age, but cares about how we treat people and respect our peers". 

This statement is also typical of Ryley, who consistently refer to her caring, respectful and kind personality. She is "very loyal to her friends and always showed empathy towards students who were having a bad day". Her compassion and empathy meant that she was always "willing to help" other students. Teachers always appreciate a student who meets deadlines; Ryley not only met them but consistently produced "exceptional". Alongside this, Ryley always approached her work with enthusiasm. Her teachers comment on her effort, engagement and how she 'never made excuses'. 

And in keeping with Ryley's personality, she dedicated more space to her thanks than to her own memories! She thanks her parents without whom she "wouldn't have been able to graduate". She thanks her friends for "putting up" with her "ridiculous self". Ryley also expresses her thanks to the teachers for "not giving up on the students", saying that they all "came up with insightful and creative lessons that kept (us) engaged and constantly learning". Finally, Ryley wants to thank "the cafeteria staff, cleaning staff and security guards" for everything they do to keep the campus "a safe place". 

And we thank you Ryley for your infectious good humour, positive attitude and caring nature. Ms Camila's words are particularly apt: "you are very special and people will have pleasure having you in their lives". We can all agree on this and we wish you the very best that life can bring, Ryley.

Senior Spotlight 2020
Senior Spotlight: Luiza Boiteux
May 27, 2020
Arriving on campus in tenth grade, Luiza has had a tremendously positive impact on the community ever since. Indeed, there is not an activity, or event, at the school that has not benefited from Luiza’s involvement in it: from her organization and promotion of fundraisers for her various service commitments, including her work for Crèche Primavera, to her role as Creative Director of the school’s newspaper, the “Bullseye”, to her membership of the National Honor Society, Luiza has graced us with her compassionate presence.
Senior Spotlight: Erick Martins
May 27, 2020
Erick has been a proud member of the EAB Community for the past twelve years. We have watched him grow into a strong and mature man, who can face the challenges that life brings with honesty, grace and dignity. Erick's relationships with teachers and teaching assistants have always been excellent. His favourite memory is of Ms Isabel, who paid him some home visits after his surgery, to tell him she missed his bad jokes. Erick is a great friend; he feels proud of "the people he made friends with" during his years at EAB.
Senior Spotlight: Luiz Carvalho
May 27, 2020
Luiz has been a proud and dedicated Bull for the past 13 years. He is part of the fabric of EAB, known and respected by the community for his determination and resilience. Luiz is most proud of how his "hard work was recognised" by his peers and teachers. As Ms Teresa says, "over the years, he has become more and more aware of the opportunity that was in his hands and became a hard working, responsible student".
Senior Spotlight: McArthur Di Andrade Camargo Filho
May 26, 2020
There is no-one who knows the school better, or who has better contributed to it, than McArthur, having joined EAB at the age of three and spending his entire academic life here. From the now legendary performances at the annual “Moth” spoken story event, to his community service work and his organization of the band festival EAB AMP intending, in his own words, to “unite all through the power of music,” McArthur has been tireless in his involvement in school-related activities.
Senior Spotlight: Andre Nelson
May 26, 2020
Andre has been a dedicated member of the EAB Community since arriving on campus in tenth grade. Although Andre's sports involvement was hampered by injury, he still managed to leave his mark on sports in the High School. From captaining the softball team in his Junior year to the incredble dedication and commitment he made to improving his basketball skills, Andre's growth as a player and leader has been wonderful.
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