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Senior Spotlight: Arjun Venugopal

In the final weeks leading up to Graduation Day 2021, EAB will celebrate each of its Seniors via the Senior Spotlight. Though many of the Senior Traditions cannot happen this year, the High School Faculty is committed to making sure each member of the Class of 2021 knows how much they have meant to this school and how proud we are of them. Today, the Senior in the spotlight is Arjun Venugopal. Arjun has been a proud member of the EAB Community since 11th Grade.

These two last years have brought Arjun many memories but none equals the memorable rainy day during a softball practice match in junior year in which he and his teammates slipped, fell and slid all across the pitch after Mr. Bakker told them to continue playing. For Arjun, these little moments present us with a chance to laugh and express genuine happiness. He will cherish this memory forever.

Arjun emphatically says that what he will miss the most about being at EAB is the opportunity international schools provide students in making friendships with people from different backgrounds. Throughout his life, he has always traveled to different countries and experienced new cultures, but he will cherish the friendships and relationships he nurtured at EAB with colleagues and teachers the most.

In two years as a Bull, Arjun is extremely proud of the relationships he built with peers and teachers alike. Since his first day at EAB he has always felt cared for and included to an extent that he has never seen in any other school before. He states everyone at EAB is compassionate and caring. Beautiful words from a global citizen who has been around. 

When talking about Arjun, one of his teachers will always be thankful for his organizational skills and states that "He was the main reason why Zoom Flex happened from August to November", also adding that Arjun's good spirit will be deeply missed. Another teacher spoke out about Arjun's ever courteous approach towards teachers and his colleagues. Important to note, both teachers said they have never eaten a better brownie.

As he looks back to his journey as a High School student, Arjun would like to specifically thank Mr. Gonzales who, throughout his time at EAB, has always been kind and funny to him and his classmates alike. Arjun appreciates the fact that Mr. Gonzales made all classes entertaining, fun, and even if Arjun did not have Mr. Gonzales in his senior year, the memories from his classes will be cherished by Arjun forever. Finally, Arjun would like to tenderly thank his parents. Though he says he hasn't always been a perfect child, his parents have always stood by him and supported him through all of his challenges, not only in his senior year, but throughout. He will use the values passed on by his parents forever.

As for his plans for the future, Arjun Venugopal will start off by going to a business college, and then eventually getting his masters degree. At that point, he will either pursue the business career path or he will try following his dad's footsteps and work in the Indian Embassy, which will enable him to travel all around the world - something he has done ever since he was a child. However, at some point in his life, he will open up a bakery to sell pastries and sweets because that has always been a passion of his. According to him, he will continue to bake even when he's old. =)

We know you will be successful in any path you choose to pursue, Arjun. The EAB family wishes you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

Senior Spotlight 2021
Senior Spotlight: JV Barros
May 6, 2021
Being part of the EAB Family has brought JV many memories that he will cherish forever. Certainly, the moments when he was simply hanging out with his friends and also his teachers are the moments that he will hold the closest to his heart. Those moments with friends and teachers are the moments João will miss the most about being at EAB.
Senior Spotlight: Joao Cabrera
May 5, 2021
Joao has been a very felt presence at EAB for many years. His positive attitude, strong sense of humor and fun loving attitude has added much needed life into classrooms and zoom calls. His teachers routinely comment on his fun loving personality, openness, and his natural ability to make people laugh.
Senior Spotlight: Ana Weiss
May 4, 2021
Although Ana was new to EAB as a Junior, she fit right into the school, quickly making lots of excellent friendships. She will always remember spending time "in the Chemistry lab during lunch, just talking and having a good time". Sometimes, though, there would be some "last minute studying for a test" with friends.
Senior Spotlight: Gabrielle Pedrosa
May 3, 2021
Gabrielle has many happy memories from her time at EAB; she recalls every memory as "special because everyday was completely different". She thinks that the small classes, intensity of the relationships and "the fact that most people grew up together" means that the emotions and memories she will carry with her will be powerful. Her particular favourite memories are of her friends: the twitter dramas; the TikToks; the trips and the post Carnaval weekend fun, hanging out with her close friends at Morro da Asa Delta as the sun rose over the lake.
Senior Spotlight: Tomas de Athayde
April 30, 2021
Tomás has consistently impressed his teachers and peers with the breadth and depth of his knowledge. This was always evident in class discussions. It was also on display during his many speeches during MUN conferences. Indeed, his favourite memory is winning "the Best Delegate award while attending BSBMUN". He recalls the "whole conference (as) memorable" but the award was what clinched this as his "favourite memory at EAB". Anyone who witnessed him in action during that conference will also remember it well.
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