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Andy Jones
HS Boys Basketball Head Coach
My name is Andy Jones and I've coached basketball for 16 years. I started off in the States coaching in California and then Chicago. Once I moved internationally, I've had great experiences coaching in Bulgaria, Turkey, and now in Brazil at EAB. My favorite thing about coaching is watching groups of student athletes come together as a team while learning life lessons through the game of basketball. I grew up in Chicago hoping I could shoot like Steve Kerr (didn't quite get there), and now I love how he's able to lead both as someone who understands the game of basketball, but also the international world as well.
Brian Christian
MS Boys Soccer Assistant Coach
My name is Brian Christian! I've been coaching soccer for over 6 years in the United States and working on summer camps around 23 states over those years. I used to coach soccer clubs like Euro FC Minnesota, Bolingbrook Chicago playing renowned tournaments. During my time in Brazil, I got to be an assistant coach for a professional team Capital FC, and also an assistant coach at School of Nations working in the after school program. I am passionate about coaching, I love to see the improvement of the players, becoming smart players and also great human beings. My inspiration as a coach is Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool!
Bryan Bakker
HS Co-ed Softball Head Coach / Strength & Conditioning Coach
My name is Bryan Bakker and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and I have lived in Brasilia since 1994. I started my coaching career at the School of Nations and ran their basketball and soccer programs; I was also Head Coach for the teacher's softball team. I am currently the Physical Education teacher, Strength and Conditioning coach and Softball coach at EAB.

I played many sports as a kid growing up in Utah and I am now an avid triathlete and train on average 15 hours a week. My philosophy for life and sport is if you have a well-trained body and mind everything else will fall into place. Life is short and "go with the flow."
Um abraço
Caio Mendes
MS Boys Soccer Head Coach
My name is Caio Mendes! I am physical education teacher at the American School of Brasilia and passionate about Soccer. I played my whole life and had the chance to become professional when I was 17, but I preferred to go to the academic area and dedicate myself to teaching what I love to do. I was soccer coach for more than 4 years in the United States. I went to more than 11 different states and I had the pleasure of meeting many high level professionals in this course. I arrived at American School of Brasilia in 2018 and since then I have been coaching in the boys program!
Carla (Lola) Lowrrainy
HS & MS Cheerleading Head Coach
My name is Carla Lowrrainy (Lola), I was a gymnast for 10 years and soon after, I started cheerleading. I have been working with gymnastics for 6 years and cheerleading for 3 years. I love to compete and take my athletes to competitions. I believe that through fair competition we can learn a lot. Within cheerleading I have earned first place awards as an athlete and now as a coach. My favorite coach is Camila Ferezin, a coach of the Brazilian rhythmic gymnastics team. She manages to take rigid and objective training, reconciling with the human part, becoming a good company for her athletes.
Carlo Prater
HS & MS Wrestling Head Coach, MS Co-ed Softball Assistant Coach
My name is Carlo Prater and I have over 10 years coaching experience in the Olympic sport of Wrestling. For over 25 years I have been involved in the sport of Wrestling as a competitor and athlete, coach and organizer. I started Wrestling in the 6th grade at Cimarron Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma. Since then, I have participated in dozens of international tournaments, been coach to several Wrestlers whom have medaled in regional, national and international level tournaments and as an organizer helped with the foundation of the Federação Brasiliense de Lutas Associadas - FBLA, the governing body for our sport in the Federal District of Brasil. I have a profound love for the sport and the values that are instilled in athletes through the arduous and rewarding practice of the sport and live to train athletes and watch them grow and succeed. My favorite Coach in the sport of Wrestling is Olympic and World Champion, John Smith, long-time Coach at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Carolina (Nina) Rodrigues
HS & MS Girls Basketball Assistant Coach
My name is Carolina Rodrigues, but everybody calls me Nina! I've been a basketball player for 11 years! I have played for the local team and still represent my city for my country. I know all the regions of Brasil because of basketball. I study physical education and biology because I love sports and animals. I have been working as an assistant coach for a year and I love it. It's an immense pleasure to bring knowledge and teach my student-athletes.
Dan Megarity
HS Co-ed Softball Assistant Coach
My name is Dan Megarity and I have 8 years coaching experience in softball. I had an outstanding experience working with head coach Mr. Bryan Bakker at EAB 2006-2009. During that time we won the silver and gold medals at the Big 4 Tournament.
I am dedicated to bringing the best out of our students and helping them to develop skills for life through sports.
The greatest moment I had was helping EAB to win the championship game at Big 4 against Graded.

My favorite quote:
”When you want to win a game, you have to teach. When you lose a game, you have to learn.” Coach Tom Landry - Dallas Cowboys
Fernanda Matos
MS Girls Soccer Head Coach, HS Girls Soccer Assistant
My name is Fernanda Matos and I have 5 years coaching experience in Soccer and Futsal. I have been involved with these two sports since I can remember. I played throughout my entire school life representing my university. I worked in the Maryland area during summer 2017 in multiple soccer camps. In the following year, I worked during the fall season at a club in upper state New York.
This will be my second year coaching at EAB and I am very excited for the next season to come! I absolutely love connecting with my students-athletes and helping them grow individually and as a team. I value each practice and each personal achievement from my athletes because that means they will be one step closer to their goal.
My favorite Athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo, not only for everything he has conquered but for all the hard work he puts on every day to be where he is. As for a coach I have many inspirations, but I would say Zidane is the one I look up to the most.
Filipe Padua
HS Boys Soccer Head Coach
My name is Filipe Padua! I have a Bachelors in Physical Education and have more than 18 years of experience with children and teenagers. look to bring innovative technologies from abroad during my classes. Besides Portuguese, I'm fluent in English and Spanish. I have lived for six years in the United States and have worked as a PE Teacher at the School of Nations in Brasilia for 13 years. In my purse to extend my program and reach out to a broader community with the objective of positively impacting children and teenagers. I opened my own Bilingual Sports Center (MVP), a soccer program offered in English. Furthermore, I have been coaching Junior and Varsity soccer and indoor soccer teams at the American School of Brasilia for the past 2 years.
Gustavo Ribeiro
MS Co-ed Softball Head Coach
My name is Gustavo Ribeiro. I was born in Sao Paulo and moved to Brasilia back in 1985. I had my first contact with EAB as a Kindergarten student. I started playing sports in lower school and never stopped. Softball and Basketball eventually became my main sports. In my early 20s my HS basketball coach and softball teammate Bryan Bakker recruited me to assist him in JV softball and basketball at EAB. It was a 2 year good experience to be back at EAB, learning, growing and inspiring young athletes. A decade later the call was made again for me to assist Varsity Softball and this time Head coach JV boys. It has been 5 seasons coaching Varsity and JV this time. It's great to help kids challenge themselves, learn their limits, grow as athletes and develop a winning mindset for life.
Jheymis (James) Albuquerque
MS Jiu-Jistu Head Coach
My name is Jheymisson Albuquerque,
I am a 1st degree black belt and I have been practicing Jiu Jitsu for fourteen years. I was a teacher at Gracie Barra Sudoeste and Alliance Sudoeste and also volunteered at an NGO for girls in the satellite city of Varjão located in Brasília-DF, where I taught Self Defense and Jiu Jitsu.
I currently work at two IT companies as a systems analyst, in addition to the sport I love, I also love technology. I work with IT because in Brazil it is very difficult for an athlete to survive only on martial arts and have a life with something other than titles and injuries.
I like to compete, but in the last year and a half I stopped competing to solve some personal problems and left to return to the stage of championships in the year 2020. Unfortunately we had the pandemic and everything changed so I continued training for 2021 and am hopeful to I have a lot of achievements in Jiu Jitsu.
I still have a dream of being a world champion and I'm sure I will still have that title. The important thing is always to fight for something!
John Teters
HS & MS Cross Country Head Coach
My name is John Teters and I have experience coaching Cross Country, Track, Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. Most of my background in athletics has centered around endurance training, but I've also spent time playing volleyball and indoor soccer on club teams. One aspect of coaching that I value is in having the opportunity to encourage athletes to go beyond what they think they are able to do!
Juan Pablo (JP) Barea
HS Jiu Jitsu Head Coach
My name is JP Barea and I am a highly motivated polyglot (English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish) Teacher – with a passion for teaching and learning with a 14-year experience. I am enthusiastic and dedicated to creating a positive, enjoyable professional environment. I have extensive experience of teaching Lower School Physical Education, Developing Curriculum and exercising Leadership and Administrative Roles such as Head of P.E., Curriculum Leader and Athletic Director in an International School setting. I have a very keen ability to engage in working with colleagues, parents, and students. I coach Jiu-Jitsu at the Varsity and JV level!
Julia Paz
HS Boys & Girls Volleyball Assistant Coach
My name is Julia Paz! I'm a Physical Therapist and I work with professional and non professional athletes. My whole life i was a swimmer and I completed my Bachelor’s degree in sports because it’s my passion. I’ve worked at Brasília Volei, preparing the main team for the national major league during two seasons from 2017-2019. I am also on the Brazilian handball team of deaf athletes. Which I was a 3rd Place winner with the girls team on the last world championship. It’s a pleasure to me being part of EAB now doing what I love most. Acting inside the sport. I hope to give EAB athletes the best support i can and help them to reach their goals.
Lady Barbara Gonçalves
HS & MS Cheerleading Assistant Coach
My name is Lady Bárbara! I am 23 years old and have 6 years working with dance. I have danced ballet since 2010 and worked with ballet until 2018, when I became FitDance instructor. At 2019, I made many workshops of Hip Hop, Street Jazz, contemporary dance! I joined in EAB’s team as a Cheerleading Assistant coach and I’m the choreographer of the team!
Lucas Andrade
HS & MS Boys Basketball Assistant Coach
My name is Lucas Andrade and I have 7 years of coaching experience in basketball. I was involved in AR4 basquete, GG12 basquete, Cerrado Basquete, and Candangos basquete. Nowadays, I am the basketball coach of Everest International School. I love seeing my athletes develop the love for the sport and skills while also having fun! My all-time favorite coach is Phil Jackson, former NBA head coach and 11 times NBA champion.
Pedro Felix
HS Boys Soccer Assistant Coach
My name is Pedro Felix and I have 21 years of sports practicing. 13 years as a soccer player and 8 as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter. I've been coaching in the last 5 years (Futsal, Futebol And Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). My favourite coach of all-time is Guilherme Mendes from Art of Jiu Jitsu and Hall of Fame of International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation.
Rafael Couto
MS Boys & Girls Basketball Head Coach
My name is Rafael Tiago Siqueira Barbosa do Couto and I have 11 years coaching experience in basketball. I first started as a coach at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) 2009-2011. When I moved back to my hometown (Brasilia), I had the opportunity to start the basketball program at Maple Bear where I stayed for 6 years, meanwhile I worked as coach at GG12, Cerrado and Candangos. I’m also a skill coach trainer working with athletes that are just starting and pro athletes as well. My all-time favorite coach and leader is Morgan Wootten from DeMatta High School (MD), also author of my favorite basketball book: Coaching Basketball Successfully.
Rennan Vogel
HS Girls Soccer and Basketball Head Coach, MS Girls Soccer Assistant Coach
Hello! My name is Rennan Vogel and I've been a proud Bull since 2009. Sports have always been a crucial part of my life. I have 11 years of experience coaching various sports, but my passions lie mainly in soccer and basketball. Sports are a mirror of life and there's nothing that brings me more fulfillment than helping students reach their potential, overcoming adversities and becoming the best version of themselves. I strongly believe Athletics serve a social tool and thus should be a platform for students to build their characters, values and, to have fun! I love doing sports but tennis, ping-pong & surfing have a special place in my heart. My all-time favourite coaches have got to be Jim Valvano (basketball) & Arsene Wenger (soccer). Go Bulls!
Siba Muniz
High School Boys/Girls Volleyball Head Coach, Middle School Girls Volleyball Head Coach
Hello, my name is Jose Sebastiao, but my friends call me "Siba". I have graduated in Physical Education from the Catholic University of Brasília. Among the most relevant titles, I have a Post Graduate in Volleyball by the University of Gama Filho and a Technical Level 3 Volleyball Certificate from the Brazilian Confederation. In addition to almost 20 years of work within PE, I have a huge passion for Volleyball. I have other hobbies of watching the volleyball championships and playing with friends on the weekend!
Tamara Peterson
MS Girls Volleyball Assistant Coach
My name is Tamara Peterson and I have 3 years assistant coaching experience in girl’s volleyball and softball along with 1 year in girl’s basketball. I was involved in the EARCOS Intramural Volleyball circuit for 2 years, and played JV volleyball, softball, and basketball in high-school and university (at the intramural level). I love spending time with my students after academic hours, helping foster their abilities and enthusiasm for sport, athleticism, and building team collaboration and spirit. My all-time heroes in the athletics world are Chris Evert (tennis) and Mark Spitz (swimming) who both have motivated me to positively influence my students - it’s not all about winning, rather trying to the best of our abilities.
Tifin Calcagni
HS & MS Cross Country Assistant Coach
I’m Tifin Calcagni and this is my first time coaching at an international school. I am an avid runner and triathlete, and I am looking forward for the opportunity to get to know the students on the Cross Country team.



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