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Mission Statement

The EAB Athletic Department is committed to excellence in academics and athletics. We are dedicated in providing students with the opportunity to participate in interscholastic competitions, learn the values of teamwork, discipline, commitment and to Pursue Victory With Honor; adhering to the rules of competition and sportsmanship, and to display a high sense of character on and off the field.

Motto: "Healthy Body, Sound Mind."

Department Goals

  • To prepare students at their highest level of ability;

  • To promote self-control, discipline, tolerance and fair play;

  • To teach cooperation and teamwork;

  • To respect opponents, coaches, athletes and referees;

  • To expose students to a healthy competitive environment;

  • To reinforce the EAB Athletic and school mission statements and philosophy;

  • To nurture healthy choices;

  • To encourage students to reach their potential;

  • To engage the EAB community;

  • To commit to the emotional well-being of students;

Philosophy - Healthy Body, Sound Mind

  • Strong emphasis on fundamentals (body), fitness (body), effort (mind) and attitude (mind);

  • Moderate emphasis on outcome – we strive to win but put character first (pursue victory with honor);

  • Emphasis on capacity development

Students who participate in the EAB athletics program are expected to demonstrate and develop the following capacities:

  • Enthusiasm

  • Confidence

  • Determination

  • Respect

  • Passion

  • Loyalty

  • Effort

  • Perseverance

  • Intensity

  • Commitment

  • Leadership

  • Integrity


All aspects of the program, including but not limited to equipment, fields and courts, scheduling, selection and training of coaches, proper student-parent-coach orientation on competition, participation with other schools, uniforms, etc., will be structured to give students the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential. The staff should recognize those students with potential to excel beyond the limitations of the program and recommend their further development in other programs outside of the school.

Intramural games and games with other schools will take place, offering maximum participation for all interested students.

The after-school athletic program will be endorsed, promoted and administered by the High and Middle School Athletic Director(s). The Athletic Directors will report to the Principals. The Athletic Directors will be responsible for evaluating the coaches. Coaching personnel will have relevant skills and experience in the area they are coaching.

Opportunity for competition, encouraging school spirit without compromising these values.

Interscholastic Athletic Affiliation

EAB is one of ten schools composing the league of International and American Schools. This group consist of: Escola Graduada de São Paulo (Graded), Pan American Christian Academy (PACA), Escola Maria Imaculada (Chapel), Escola Americana de Campinas (EAC), Escola Britânica de São Paulo (St. Paul's), Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (EARJ), Our Lady of Mercy (OLM), American School of Asuncion (ASA), and Escola Britânica do Rio de Janeiro. The present interscholastic athletic program includes the following sports tournaments and levels of competition:

American School of Brasilia (EAB) sports teams are affiliated with the local Brasilia Sports League - consisted of the following International and Brazilian schools: Escola das Nações/School of the Nations (EDN), Brasilia International School (BIS), Escola Francesa (EF), MacKenzie and Marista, GG12 and Maple Bear. EAB teams also prepare themselves for the Big 8 (Varsity - 1st semester) and Big 4 (Varsity - 2nd semester), as well as the Little 8 (Junior Varsity - 1st & 2nd semesters) and Little 6 (Junior Varsity - 2nd semester) at Nosso Recanto, venue of the International and American Schools' tournaments. EAB teams play against various sports clubs and local schools. The competition and experience is excellent for EAB athletes preparation to the Big 8-4 or Little 8-6 tournaments at Nosso Recanto.

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