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EAB Goes Green

Through excellence in academics, activities, arts, leadership, and services EAB strives to positively impact the world.


How is EAB impacting positively the world regarding environmental issues?


EAB has been contributing to a greener future both inside and outside the campus. Although the subject is extremely relevant and massively discussed, people seem to get the greater picture but have a hard time putting it into action in a daily basis.  Not long ago EAB used plastic disposable cups in each water fountain and all our recyclables were sent to be sorted out in the landfills by the company SLU. What has changed and how has it been changing?


The three R's in sustainability are (or should be) a common sense by now: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Here is a quick look on how it has been applied at EAB:


Thanks to the Tech Team with the support of the EABs Green team (EAB Goes Green), the school has purchased new printers that require password for each individual printing. This action might not seem much but just on the first 72 hours almost R$400 were saved by 3,412 pages of print jobs that were auto deleted. Before this printer was purchased EAB was wasting a ream of paper every two weeks of printed paper left behind (per printer). 

Thanks to the administration and EAB Goes Green, EAB was also able to reduce the amount of disposable materials used at the school by the replacement of disposable plastic cups to reusable plastic cups.

Also thanks to EAB Goes Green (EGG) the school was part of a governmental contest regarding the schools water management. EGG students did an evaluation on water usage at the school, they measured the amount of water coming out of each tap in school and found out not all of the taps were regulated. This way they were able to point out which needed repair reducing the amount of water wasted.


The Lower School Team has been doing an amazing job reusing materials during their units through art, science and other drives for projects like the STEM fairs that were done by the Middle School.


EABs social services, the administration along with the iCommons have been good examples of reusing or repurposing materials at school.  Sometimes what might not seem fit in one place can make a complete difference to other people's lives. All of the services drives done at the school, some used books and furniture in good condition were repurposed by partner institutions, making a big impact in their community.  


Please help me congratulate EGG for their silent and constant work at collecting and stacking correctly the paper every Wednesday. It might not seem much at first, but since they began restructuring the recycling program EAB sold over a ton of paper, cardboard and other recyclable materials to a company called Capital Recicláveis.  Over 750kg on the last dispatch to be more exact.



Batteries - There is a battery bin located inside the US iCommons

Electronics - All of the Electronic Waste (e-Waste) is gathered by a company Called Zero Impacto that gives the right destination to each individual material.  The recycling bin is located between US01 and the US iCommons.

Organic - Part of the organic waste produced at the school is being used in a compost, all of the coffee grounds and dried leaves for example were being used to fertilize the gardens.

Markers and other school supply - Leonardo Lima a 5th Grader did his Maracujá Project on recycling and started to collect markers and other supply to send back to Faber Castell.

EAB also offers various field trips where students learn in loco about nature conservation, permaculture and waste management. From Projeto Tamar to the Middle School Trips or even the local trips to Cristalina, Chapada Imperial etc… students are able to see successful projects and engage in green activities.

The exceptional work done by Ana Losekann and Kate Riley during the World Water Forum must be highlighted. The play was inspired by the book The Flying Rivers written by Yana Marull and the message of saving the forest and saving our water has reached beyond our limits.

We still have a long way to go, but EAB is stepping forward as a green school. To continue this improvement we need your help!  EAB Goes Green is working hard to reinforce and expand the recycling program, hopefully by the end of the semester we will be able to sell the plastic and aluminum and for this to happen we need to properly sort the waste.

If you have any doubts, any suggestions on how we can improve our environmental footprints or if you have any pictures of green initiatives your classroom is doing and would like to share, please send them to


Roberto Miyamoto

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