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Student Services

Welcome to the Student Services Department!  We are very excited to be working with your child as they develop as learners and citizens here at EAB.  Consistent with our school mission, our office endeavors to holistically promote the welfare of your child.  With our mission in mind, we strive to support your child's academic, social, and career development from a student-centered perspective.

Our ultimate goal is to work in partnership with you and your child.  We cannot overemphasize your critical role in serving as the child’s liaison between school and home.  The middle and high school years are a pivotal time for adolescents as they develop and mature cognitively, physically and socially. We understand that this may present new challenges at home, as your child naturally begins to seek a degree of independence. Our office seeks to work with you as you help your child develop and plan for their future.  So please do not hesitate to seek us out. 

Communication with you is critical, and provides us the vital information we need to effectively support your child.  Our doors are always open and we encourage you to call, e-mail or drop in at a time that is convenient for you. Our office for Upper School is located adjacent to the iCommons, across the courtyard from the main office. The Lower School office is located inside the Lower School iCommons. We look forward to working with you and your child during their time at EAB.

Kathleen Leishear
High School Counselor
Kristina Mecelicaite
Upper School Learning Specialist & Coordinator
Julie Bredy
Middle School Counselor
Lilian Rosa
Lower School Counselor
Debora Santos
Lower School Counselor
Débora Santos became part of the EAB family in 2002-03. In 2012 she assumed the role of the Lower School Counselor. She studied Psychology at the Universidade Paulista and has attended professional development opportunities at the Counseling Training Center (CTC), American School Counselor Association (ASCA), Character Counts Organization and AAIE / NSU International Child Protection Leadership Team Training. In addition, she has completed specialization courses in School Psychology, Psicodiagnóstico, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children test (WISC), and Neuropsychological evaluation at the Centro de Orientação Psicológica e Pedagógica (CENOPP).

The Lower School Counselor works with kids from K3 through 5th grade. The focus is on the students' emotional well-being, academic success, personal, social and global development. In order to provide a comprehensive counseling program, our counselor's services include the following: individual sessions, small group meetings, guidance classes and parent workshops. Furthermore, she is responsible for co-coordinating the Character Counts Program. She serves the students with love and dedication, always doing her best to meet students’ needs.
Janini Lopes
Lower School Learning Specialist
Janini has been an EAB employee since August of 2012 where she worked as a 5th grade Teaching Assistant. As a TA, she had the opportunity to work with several very talented teachers who contributed for her to pursue her passion in the educational field.
Janini has a degree in Pedagogy from Universidade Paulista and has been acting as a Lower School Learning Support Teacher since August 2016 . In addition to that she has also had training at the Lindamood-Bell Institute in Miami for Visualizing and Verbalizing (a program designed in helping students to develop their language comprehension and expression skills) as well as the Seeing-Stars program which focuses on giving students strategies on decoding and encoding.
Dianna Naylor
Lower School Learning Specialist
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