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Half Day for Students - February 23rd
Be advised that students will be released from classes at 11:30 this day.

SGAS 605 Conjunto E, Lotes 34/37 | Brasilia, DF 70200-650 Brazil | 55 (61) 3442-9700

Student Services Staff

Student Support Team:  

This team meets regularly to discuss needs of students to develop, implement, and review student goals necessary to ensure success.  This group may include, but is not limited to, Learning Specialists, Counselors, Divisional Principals, Teachers, School Psychologist, and Parents.

Learning Specialist:  

The Learning Specialist is a certified special educator who provides academic support and services to students in the least restrictive learning environment possible.  The Learning Specialist works cooperatively with classroom teachers and support staff and maintains ongoing communication with parents and teachers to provide classroom support, intervention strategies, and accommodation approaches.  The Learning Specialist is an integral member of the Student Support Team.

For the 2016/2017 school year, EAB has 3 learning specialist.  Amy Narayan and Janini Lopes are providing services for Grades 2 - 5. Elana Miller is providing services for Grades 6 - 12. 


EAB has a comprehensive international model counseling program. We strive to meet the students’ academic, career, personal/social and global developmental needs by designing and implementing preventive individual, small-group and classroom guidance lessons as needed. In addition, we provide developmentally sensitive counseling strategies for different age groups which include but are not limited to assemblies, guest speakers, student and/or parent workshops.

For the 2016/2017 school year, EAB has 3 counselors. Debora Santos is providing services for K3 - Grade 5. Julie Bredy is providing services for Grades 6 - 8. Gavin Hornbuckle is providing services for Grades 9 - 12. 


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