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EAB Search Committee

Dear EAB Community,

We are happy to announce our Position Description document for the Head of School Search. To access and read it, please use this link. This document is the one used with potential candidates to describe the role and give an overview of EAB. Please support advocating for the role by sharing the link in your international networks where there might be potential candidates.

EAB Search Committee

Dear EAB Faculty and Staff,

On behalf of the Search Committee, we thank those who were able to meet with the search consultants Deb Welch and John Chandler on Thursday and Friday of last week. We know that a leadership search is an important moment to reflect on what makes our school special and how we would like to see it develop and grow in the future. We appreciate the time you took to speak personally with Deb and John.

Both consultants spoke very highly of their conversations with members of our community. Deb Welch went out of her way to commend faculty dedication to our school.

We would like now to remind all faculty members to fill out the survey created by the search firm. We are aiming to receive as close to full participation as possible. To encourage candid and thoughtful reflection by our stakeholders, the survey is anonymous and conducted entirely by Carney Sandoe. Only the search consultants will see the results. 

The survey will close today. We hope that everyone will take this opportunity to make their voices heard! The Search Committee is committed to community participation and transparency during the search. We look forward to updating you on further steps.

If you haven't filled out the survey, there is still time. Please click see your email for the link.

Thanks for your contribution to making EAB the special place it is!

Anna More & David Bergknut (Co-chairs, Search Committee)
EAB Search Committee

Dear EAB Community,

As part of our search for the next Head of School at EAB we are, with help from our consultants, using a brief online survey to ensure we capture valuable feedback from as many members of the EAB community as wish to participate.

The recent campus visit by Deb Welch and John Chandler has already ensured us of a comprehensive, inclusive, and diverse set of views about the school which we will use in further refining our criteria in the selection process for our next head. We are asking faculty, parents, trustees, and alumni/ae for their candid feedback using this method. All responses are both confidential and anonymous and go directly to our consultants who will consolidate the feedback and use it to ensure we have considered all points of view from our key constituents. The results will be very useful and will remain confidential.

The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete and will remain open until the end of the day, Tuesday, August 15. At the end you will also have an opportunity to nominate any educator known to you who might be a good fit for us. The Search Committee is deeply grateful for your participation in this process. Over the next months we look forward to keeping you apprised through announcements and our website of the important milestones in the search process. To complete the survey, please click on the link sent to your email. 

Best wishes and thank you,
Anna More & David Bergknut (Co-Chairs, Head of School Search Committee)

EAB Search Committee

Dear participants,

Deb Welch and John Chandler, Senior Consultants with Carney Sandoe & Associates, will meet with members of the EAB Community for a site visit, as an important step in the search for your next Head of School. Deb will be on campus August 10 and 11 and John will be interviewing community members virtually. They will be in a “listening” role and will be asking all participants the same three questions. All responses will be confidential and anonymous. After the visit, they will read their notes, looking for themes that emerge. They may also use some illustrative quotes to better explain the theme, but will not attribute the words to an individual.

The summary will be used to develop a Position Description, which will be available on websites and be sent to candidates describing the school, the context for the next leader, and desired qualities and qualifications. At these meetings, all participants will be asked three questions:

1. What are the strengths, best assets/features of your school? Of what are you most proud? What do you value and love most?
2. What do you perceive the challenges for your school to be? About what are you most concerned? What worries you? What needs to change/get tweaked?
3. What qualities/attributes/experiences would you like to see in your next Head of School? What leadership style? What priorities?

Kind regards,
EAB Search Committee